When is a group photograph not a group photograph?

Recently we were asked to produce a group photograph of the management team at Norfolk Wealth Management. Not an uncommon event for us, however in this case not all the team were able to be present at the same time. Read more below to see how we got around this tricky photoshoot.

Initially when we originally spoke to Dan, the principal partner at NWM, we were going to try and photograph everybody together. But the best laid plans and all that, in the end due to the limited space we had to work in and the fact that not all the partners could be present at the same time we realised we’d have to produce a composite shot.

Every one of the team was photographed separately both standing and sitting so we had the choice of which image to use and then painstakingly montaged using photoshop. Getting the lighting and camera angle right for each person was critical to assuring the success of the image. Below are a some of the images before the process.

The final photograph that we created on the same day was a fun shot for team with their young families! The idea was to show the team posing for their photograph while trying to ignore the chaos going on around them as the kids entered the scene. The children were all photographed in the same way, separately and montaged into the final shot. Thanks to everybody at NWM and their children for making what could have been a very awkward, difficult shoot an absolute pleasure.

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