Our production office, based in Norwich, is the hub for photography and film projects all over the UK and Worldwide. Working across a wide variety of disciplines ensures that we are constantly innovating and striving for new ways of doing things. Over the last few years we have produced photography, video and motion graphics for a diverse range of clients. These include key players in the broadcast, insurance, pharmaceutical, technology, finance and oil and gas sectors.

At the heart of what we do is a desire to produce beautifully crafted and creative imagery. Often working alongside other creative teams we offer a wide range of skills, producing everything from title sequences, special effects and promos to product advertising and short films. Our work is as varied as the people we work with, collaborating and building lasting business relationships is key to our success.

Seeking beauty in the mundane

Taking photographs can occasionally feel like a competition to find the most amazing subject matter, whether it be the largest, smallest, fastest, most well known etc. So sometimes it can be a very cathartic process to look for the beauty in the everyday, we forget how wonderful and intriguing our everyday life is.

Hotel, Dublin 2015 ©Andrew Perkins

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